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Small Folk Unit Two: Farm and Feast

Small Folk Unit Two: Farm and Feast


Unit Two of the Small Folk Learning Series: This unit, as its name implies, focuses on farms and celebrating the harvest. It builds on “Golden Days,” the previous unit in the series. (However, the series is designed so you can jump in at anytime!) Some themes for this unit include families working together, depending on one another, and partnering with the earth itself to bring forth the sustenance we need.

This unit covers themes that are interrelated with the Autumn Equinox, The Harvest Moon, and other holidays and events that take place in Later September or Early to Mid October in the northern hemisphere when harvest time is at its peak. However, in the USA, Thanksgiving is celebrated as a harvest festival in November. If you would like, you can move this unit to late Autumn

Several early learning concepts are integrated into the activities, including counting and number sets, patterns, shapes, colors, print awareness, simple form drawing, rhymes, as well as optional letter sound activities.

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    This is a digital-only product. You will not receive anything physical. Because of the instant nature of digital products, I do not offer refunds, but please let me know if you need any help with your order. 

  • About The Small Folk Learning Series

    The Small Folk Learning Series is a gentle holistic preschool and kindergarten curriculum inspired by Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, and Charlotte Mason. There will be a total of nine units (three for each season) released throughout this school year.

  • What People Are Saying

    I love these guides! I’m excited to dive in with my littles. They see the bigs doing “lessons” so giving them some structure and gentle learning opportunities is great! I also love that what you have here is outside of my personal toolbox, so it’s extra special and interesting for the littles.

    -Vanessa R.

  • Please Note

    This is a digital-only product. You will not receive anything physical. Due to the instant availability of digital products, I do not offer returns or exchanges, however, please contact me if you need help with your order.

  • Release Schedule

    I am currently working on this curriculum as I go along with my own little one. I ma not able to commit to a specific release schedule. My goal is to continue to release one unit per month. Following is the month I hope to have each unit available during:


    Golden Days: Already Released

    Farm, and Feast: Already released

    An Enchanted Autumn Forest: November 2022



    Children of Starlight: December 2022

    Winter Magic: January 2023

    Light Awakens: February 2023



    The World’s Rebirth: March 2023

    Earth, and Water: April 2023

    My Magical Garden: May 2023



    Summer Dreaming: An additional guide with activities and inspiration for summer learning

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