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Golden Days: Unit One of The Small Folk Learning Series

Golden Days: Unit One of The Small Folk Learning Series


“Golden Days” is the first unit of the Small Folk Learning Series: an early years homeschool curriculum for children 3-5 inspired by the Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia Philosophies. Through a gentle holistic approach, early math, literacy, science, and nature studies are all integrated with activities to strengthen healthy social and emotional development and build good habits for life.


This unit covers “the basics” and lays a foundation for the rest of the units in the series. Because of this, there are several different themes interwoven into it. A major goal for this unit is to help you establish a regular rhythm tailored to your child and their developmental needs. It also highlights the beauty and joy of the world around us, inviting your child to look and listen closely to the wonder that abounds. Another big theme of this unit is families and home living. You will learn about different families and homes, the importance of keeping your space tidy, and about pets, and the animals who become a part of our family.


If you would like to download a sample you can do that here.

  • How the Series is Laid Out

    The Small Folk Learning Series is divided into nine learning units, including three for Autumn, three for Winter, and three for Spring. There is also an additional summer edition with optional activities and ideas. Each unit is designed to take one month. “Golden Days” is designed to be the series' starting point. 


    Golden Days: Late summer/Early Autumn

    Farm, and Feast: Mid Autumn

    An Enchanted Autumn Forest: Late Autumn 



    Children of Starlight: Early Winter 

    Winter Magic: Midwinter 

    Light Awakens: Late Winter



    The World’s Rebirth: Early Spring

    Earth, and Water: Mid Sping 

    My Magical Garden: Late Spring 



    Summer Dreaming: An additional guide with activities and inspiration for summer learning

  • What is Included With this Unit

    Along with this book (the teacher’s guide), the following items are included with this set Fairy Tales for Small Folk Part One: August, Simple Stories for Small Folk (A Collection of Songs, Short Stories and Verses for Nursery and Kindergarten) Part One: To Begin a Year of Learning, The Props, Playthings, and Printables Pack. Each of these components and how to use them are described in more detail in the welcome letter.

  • Please Note:

    This is a digital-only product. You will not receive anything physical. Due to the instant availability of digital products, I do not offer returns or exchanges, however, please contact me if you need help with your order.

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