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Celebrate The Seasons Unit Three: Celebrate Light

Celebrate The Seasons Unit Three: Celebrate Light


 For this six-week unit, we will focus on giving thanks, noticing the good things we have, and being caretakers of what we have been entrusted. Many families in America also tell the story of the first thanksgiving. During this dark time of year, this advent of quiet repose and reflection, of dreaming, many cultures have some kind of celebration of light. The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah (which takes place in late November or sometime in December depending on the year) celebrates the light in the Temple that kept burning for eight days even though they only had enough oil for one. Saint Lucia’s day is another Holiday centering around light. Girls may wear a wreath of candles in honor of the saint. Many families also light a candle on a Yule log, making wishes each day of the advent leading up to Christmas, and the star of Bethlehem is central in the Christmas story. During this time, we celebrate and honor Indigenous People. We will observe the natural world winding down and preparing for winter and we will celebrate lights in the darkness.

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