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Celebrate the Seasons

A nature based seasonal curriculum that goes beyond the morning basket

Celebrate the Seasons is a family style curriculum that brings together storytelling, high quality literature, poetry, art, music appreciation, nature study, and social emotional learning. It includes a framework for your day organized into morning time, outside time, table time and tea time. No matter where you are in your homeschooling journey, or what your educational philosophy is, you will love this beautifully illustrated step-by-step guide that takes your family on an inspired journey though the days, weeks and seasons of the year!

The Small Folk Learning Series

An early year's homeschool curriculum for children 3-5 (covering preschool and kindergarten)

The Small Folk Learning Series is inspired by the Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia Philosophies. Through a gentle holistic approach, early math, literacy, science, and nature studies are all integrated with activities to strengthen healthy social and emotional development and build good habits for life. This curriculum guides you to facilitate exploration and discovery with your little one, the way young children learn best, through play and child-centered learning experiences.

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The Threefold Learning Series

Family style Waldorf and Charlotte Mason inspired lesson block guides for grades 1-9

The threefold learning series aims to guide you in teaching your child in a way that engages them physically, mentally and spiritually (head, heart, and hands) through a series of content based lesson blocks. Each block is designed to bring multiple subjects (including geography, history, science, nature study, and literature) to elementary and middle school aged children in an integrated, holistic, family style format.

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