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Handmade Resources to add joy and wonder into your homeschool day

Home education is so much more than doing school at home. It’s living your life slowly with intention, noticing the little things and finding the wonder in the world around us.  It’s giving your child and yourself what is perhaps the greatest gift of all, time to explore, to grow, and discover the joy of living and learning together. 

If this what you desire you have come to the right place. The adventure is just beginning. 

Resources and inspiration to help you create a beautiful and magical lifestyle of learning.



Our curriculum is designed to inspire and guide you as a parent and educator to create a gentle holistic learning experience with plenty of time for family, nature exploration, and wonder.

We have three different series available!

Make every day of learning a beautiful adventure!

Color Stain

Family style Curriculum

Celebrate the Seasons is a family style curriculum that brings together storytelling, high quality literature, poetry, art, music appreciation, nature study, and social emotional learning.


It includes a framework for your day organized into morning time, outside time, table time and tea time. No matter where you are in your homeschooling journey, or what your educational philosophy is, you will love this beautifully illustrated step-by-step guide that takes your family on an inspired journey though the days, weeks and seasons of the year!



Hi my name is Abby. I am a mother of four. I studied education and child development in college and have worked as a professional and home educator for over a decade. I love creating things, cooking and spending time outside. When I first began my own homeschooling journey I was overwhelmed by the abundance of materials and resources out there (many that came at high cost).


When I would read about homeschooling parents who would make chocolate chip cookies and call it math, and spend their days reading the classics and hiking, I was both envious and perplexed. I wanted this so bad, but I was worried my children would have gaps in their education. I struggled to find balance between what my heart wanted for them with creating a routine and the less “fun” parts of learning. Discovering Waldorf and Charlotte Mason helped me to bring all the research and experience I had to create a cozy home environment and family culture that worked for us and followed our natural rhythm.


The Small Folk Learning Series is an early year's homeschool curriculum for children 3-5 (covering preschool and kindergarten).


An Early Year's Homeschool Curriculum

The Small Folk Learning Series is a homeschool curriculum for children between the ages of 3 and 5. It is inspired by the Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia philosophies. The curriculum takes a gentle and holistic approach to teaching early math, literacy, science, and nature studies. In addition to academic subjects, the curriculum includes activities that promote healthy social and emotional development and help children build good habits for life.

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