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Celebrate The Seasons

Celebrate the Seasons is a family style curriculum that brings together storytelling, high quality literature, poetry, art, music appreciation, nature study, and social emotional learning.


It includes a framework for your day organized into morning time, outside time, table time and tea time. Are you wanting to create a lifestyle of learning and give your children the gift of time in nature? Is your goal to create a connected, mindful rhythm that follows the seasons? No matter where you are in your homeschooling journey, or what your educational philosophy is, you will love this beautifully illustrated step-by-step guide that takes your family on an inspired journey though the days, weeks and seasons of the year!

Explore The Units

“This curriculum is incredibly comprehensive and gives a ton of ideas for activities that you can do with your children. My mind is usually running in multiple directions, so having all the instructions and materials laid out for me has been so helpful. We have particularly been enjoying the suggestions for teatime, outside play and art."

                                                                                                                     -Brittany S.

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For a limited time you can preorder the units at the extremely low price of 10 dollars per unit. You can preorder one unit or up to the entire year (7 units) as you like at this introductory price (You will receive your preordered units as they release throughout the upcoming school year) will not last long! And we do not anticipate they will ever be priced this low again.


Each unit included six weeks if beautifully illustrated, detailed lesson plans, instructions for each of the the activities and an original morning verse to start your morning with.

There are a total of seven units in this series. (Fall, winter and spring are each divided into two parts and there is one unit for summer). Each unit is meant to be covered in about six weeks. Each weekly plan has five planned days, but you are free to spread out or condense the material and make it work for your schedule. If you do the two units for each season it will take about three months with one additional week to take a break or extend a project or activity a little bit longer.

Pacing Guide

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