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An Enchanted Autumn Forest: Unit Three of The Small Folk Learning Series

Experience the magic of the season as we prepare to say goodbye to autumn and welcome winter.  This unit focuses on the changes around us as the earth prepares for winter, with a particular emphasis on trees and the forest. It builds on “Golden Days” and “Farm and Feast,” the previous units in the series. The three of them together make up the fall portion of the curriculum. Some themes for this unit include trees, leaves changing color, the mystery and magic of the forest, forest animals, day and night, and hibernation and migration, highlighting the rhythm and balance of nature. Several early learning concepts are integrated into the activities, including counting and number sets, patterns, shapes, colors, print awareness, simple form drawing, rhymes, and the sound of the letters r, c, and g. Because this is a three-year curriculum, you may approach these concepts very differently depending on the age and development of your child.


What is Included in This Set 

Along with the teacher’s guide, the following items are included; Fairy Tales for Small Folk Part Three: Late Autumn, part Three of Simple Stories for Small Folk (A Collection of Songs, Short Stories and Verses for Nursery and Kindergarten), and The Printables, Props, and Playthings Pack for this unit. Each of these components and how to use them are described in more detail in the welcome letter. 

Pre-Order Now

For a limited time, you can preorder one unit or up to the entire year (7 units) as you like at this introductory price (You will receive your preordered units as they release throughout the upcoming school year) will not last long! And we do not anticipate they will ever be priced this low again. Each unit includes six weeks of beautifully illustrated, detailed lesson plans, instructions for each of the the activities and an original morning verse to start your morning with.

Pacing Guide

There are a total of six units in this series. (Fall, winter and spring are each divided into two parts). Each unit is meant to be covered in about six weeks with the last week being a celebration week or culmination of the last five weeks of learning. Each weekly plan has five planned days, but you are free to spread out or condense the material and make it work for your schedule. You also do not have to make your week Monday through Friday. If you do the two units for each season it will take about three months with one additional week to take a break or extend a project or activity a little bit longer.


This series is inspired by several philosophies and methods including Waldorf, Charlotte Mason and the Project Based Learning. It is meant to be gentle, holistic and inclusive. It can easily be used as a part of classical homeschool, traditional, eclectic or even by unschooling families.



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